Leases and prices

When you apply, you can indicate what kind of residence you would prefer. Below you can see a list of the various residences.

Four different kinds of residences

Overall, Tietgenkollegiet has four types of residences distinguished by varying size. The four types vary with French window, small or large balcony as well as a few small layout differences.

Double rooms

In the double room D residences there is room for two students. Please note that both students must comply with all application requirements. Furthermore, please note that residences due to their layout are not suited for a shared residence by e.g. two friends.

Overview of residences

Type Number of rooms Size Monthly rent* Balcony
A 1 1 room 26 m2 DKK 3,881.87 French window
A 2 1 room 26 m2 DKK 4,032.21 Small
A 3 1 room 26 m2 DKK 4,182.57 Large
B 1 1 room 29 m2 DKK 4,182.57 French window
B 2 1 room 29 m2 DKK 4,332.92 Small
C 1 1 room 33 m2 DKK 4,483.26 French window
D 1 2 rooms 45 m2 DKK 6,424.20 French window
D 2 2 rooms 45 m2 DKK 6,574.54 Small
D 3 2 rooms 45 m2 DKK 6,724.93 Large

*Notes regarding rent:

  • The abovementioned rents apply as at 1 January 2024.
  • In addition to the rents specified, we require payment on account for individual consumption of electricity, water, and heat, approximately DKK 400.00 per month.
  • The rent includes free internal telephony as well as Internet (high-speed connection via the net named Forskernettet).
  • The rent does not include radio/TV channel packages but these can be bought individually from Stofa.
  • Certain common facilities (at present laundry and printing) is on a pay-for-use basis. Payment takes place with the rent.