Living at Tietgenkollegiet

The spectacular architecture of Tietgenkollegiet frames what for most is the absolutely most important thing about living at a residence hall: Community. At Tietgenkollegiet, you will be sharing an eventful time of your life with almost 400 other interesting people. Residence hall living offers both joys and challenges, but if you are willing to go for it, we are sure that it will be a fantastic experience.

“You feel a sense of community across the kitchens, not because you necessarily know them but because you can see them across the circle. If I see a party going on somewhere in the building, I would definitely consider going over there. You feel welcome everywhere in the building.” Nicolas, resident

More than just a place to live

Some places you move into a residence hall to find a cheap place to live. At Tietgenkollegiet, you move in because you want to be part of the vibrant community in a fantastic setting. It is not just a place to live – it is a place where you can feel at home and form close attachments to your fellow residents who may become friends for life.

The many facets of residence hall living

On these pages you can learn more about life at Tietgenkollegiet. Come in and visit with some of the residents and see how they have arranged their room and read more about what it is like to live sharing a kitchen with 11-12 other people of which some are international students. Also, read about the volunteer committee work that is the corner stone of a well-functioning residence hall and about the many activities and parties that the residents can enjoy. Finally, you can also see how Tietgenkollegiet is an active part of living in Ørestad Nord.