Activities and partying

When you live with 390 other young people, there is always something to do, whether you are into sports and exercise, board games and hanging out, or partying and a good time.


Tietgenkollegiet always has a number of activity groups that work on coordinating the various interests among the residents. The activity groups are e.g. a number of sports associations, including a running club and obviously the residence hall football team, C.F. Tietgen, that defends the Tietgen honour in the residence hall league. The other activities offered vary depending on whether someone takes the initiative to launch something.

The café

Throughout the year, the residence hall has held a weekly café night in the assembly hall where there are little cosy tables and candles. The volunteers of the café bake cakes and serve tea and coffee and other delicacies. Sometimes the mood is set by live music while other times you can listen to an inspiring talk from public personalities – former speakers include e.g. politician Margrethe Vestager, TV presenter Felix, chef Henrik Boserup and then Director General of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation Kenneth Plummer.


Beginning of Term Party, Summer Party, October Party, New Year’s Party, Birthday Party! Annually, Tietgenkollegiet has a number of large residence hall parties that are arranged and held by the residence hall Bar Committee. The parties are an obvious occasion to meet other residents over a beer and a dance in the residence hall assembly hall.