The committee work

Volunteer committee work in the residents’ democracy is the core of a well-functioning residence hall and that is also the way it is at Tietgenkollegiet. The residence hall is constantly evolving and we expect all residents to pitch in – not because you “should” but because it is fun and because you want to be part of making Tietgenkollegiet a better place to live.

A road to participatory democracy and a better residence hall life

The residents’ democracy and committee work give the residents access to participatory democracy at a general level. If there is something you want to create, change, or support, then there is always ample opportunity to carry this out – often with help and support from the other residents and the administration.

New competences – New friends

Participating in the residents’ democracy and committee work does by no means have to be a dreaded chore. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity either to work with something that you are interested in or to develop new competences. And when you work together on a project across kitchens you keep meeting new, interesting people. All of which is part of contributing to an even closer attachment to the residence hall.

The Residence Hall Council – the focal point of residents’ democracy

In the Residence Hall Council subjects pertaining to all residents are discussed and experiences are shared across the kitchens. Officially, the Residence Hall Council consists of 30 representatives – one from each kitchen – and a supervisory body, the executive committee consisting of five members elected by the residents. At the monthly meetings, typically the various committee chairmen as well as a representative of the administration will attend.

A committee for every cause – and conviction

The committee structure of Tietgenkollegiet is dynamic and continually developing depending on the people who participate. Thus, there is ample opportunity to contribute with exactly what you want. At the time of writing, there are more than 10 active committees that each work with the various parts of residence hall living – both the more formal, e.g. the Recommendation Committee that carefully scrutinises all applications, and the more lively, e.g. the Bar Committee that not surprisingly is one of the most popular committees.