Tietgenkollegiet was built based on a donation from Nordea-fonden. Because of the size of the donation and the residence hall, it was decided to create an independent body, Fonden Tietgenkollegiet, to handle the construction and operation of the residence hall.

The day-to-day administration and operation of Tietgenkollegiet is handled by the residence hall administration with an established residence hall council consisting of residents for sparring.

The Board of the Fonden Tietgenkollegiet

Chairman: Mogens Hugo
Vice chairman: Povl Høier, farmer
Kjeld Møllgård, Professor, MD, former vice-chancellor of the University of Copenhagen
Finn Junge-Jensen, former vice-chancellor of CBS
Hanne Leth Andersen, Rector RUC
Birgitte Høier, Dr. Ph.D, Post doc University of Copenhagen

About Nordea-fonden

Nordea-fonden has a non-profit and charitable purpose like supporting activities that promote a good life within the areas of health, exercise, nature, and culture.

Nordea-fonden is a business fund and as such a separate legal entity independent of the founder. The shared name with the bank Nordea AB refers to the common, historical roots of the bank and the fund in Sparekassen SDS. Since the fund was created, the main part of the capital of the fund has been invested in bank shares, today shares in Nordea AB.