The Building

How do you create the optimum setting for a community among almost 400 students while also making room for individuals to engross themselves and develop as individuals? This was the challenge faced when in 2001 construction began on what would later become Tietgenkollegiet, a residence hall in the district Ørestad.

Anyone who since then has visited the student hall, either as a resident or a visitor, would be able to confirm that with the unique, circular building they were right on the money. As the author Pernille Steensgard describes it in her book about Tietgenkollegiet:

“The house itself says what the idea behind it is: community. You can walk all the way round on all floors. No hallways are a dead end; no doors are locked. The house does not turn its back on anyone. Across the round square in the middle, the residents can see what the others are doing in their kitchens, on the terraces, and in the lounges. And if it looks interesting, they can go over there.” Pernille Steensgard, writer

On these pages, you can get a general sense of the building and the idea behind it. Get to know the architecture; read about the kitchens and common rooms as well as the numerous other common facilities, the beautiful, large rooms, the location of the student hall in the local area, and the many awards and publicity it has gotten.