Publicity and awards

By virtue of the unique architecture, Tietgenkollegiet has been mentioned frequently in the media and has won a number of internationally recognised awards.



One building takes credit for the entire decade: Tietgenkollegiet in Ørestad. [...]. With the round shape, the well-dimensioned proportion, warm materials, and socially engaging dynamic construction, it was the exception in a decade characterised by shoddy jerry-building in large numbers. Tietgenkollegiet was able to lift the difficult burden to create orientation and sense of direction in Ørestad Nord.
Karsten Ifversen, Politiken


“The Tietgen Dormitory is a candidate unwritten hit-list that architectural critics, curators, historians, teachers and professional architects have established over several centuries. Thorvaldsen’s Museum, The Police Headquarters in Copenhagen, Århus City Hall, Bagsværd Church … perhaps our view of these buildings changes in time, the system occasionally reorganizes their ranking, but no matter what, they continue to be a standard part of the curriculum. Also, internationally.”

Martin Keiding, Arkitektur DK