The rooms

When you see the rooms at Tietgenkollegiet, you quickly forget all prejudices about residence hall rooms being small, cramped, and dingy. The smallest rooms are 26 square meters and all rooms have a large window section that you can slide open giving you access to either a French window or a proper balcony.

“I was convinced that Tietgenkollegiet was the right place for me after having visited a friend there. It is the luxury version of living in a residence hall. My rooms is 33 sqm and it is great that there is room for both a sofa, a double bed, and lots of clothes and shoes – even my skis can fit into the top cupboards.” Stephanie, resident

360 “slices of the pie”

The total 360 rooms are all facing the outer side of the round structure. Common to them all is also the basic shape that can be clearly seen from the layout: as slices of a pie, the rooms are widest at the outer end.

Integrated storage

In all rooms, one wall is clad with light plywood panels that not only serve a decorative purpose. Built into this construction are a number of storage lockers along the ceiling, a closed bookcase in the far end of the room as well as a movable wardrobe that can be used as a room divider.

Big bathrooms – but no private kitchens

Because we at Tietgenkollegiet want to encourage the residents to be part of the community, there are no kitchens in the rooms. Thus, all cooking takes place in the big communal kitchens. On the other hand, the rooms have a spacious en suite with floor heating, toilet, and shower.

Double rooms for couples or with room to move

30 of the Tietgenkollegiet’s residences are double rooms that are well-suited for couples or for students requiring extra space.

International rooms

About 60 of the rooms are dedicated to international students that are on an exchange stay in Copenhagen. While the ordinary rooms are furnished by the residents themselves, the international rooms come furnished.