Tietgen Festival

Tietgen Residence Hall will in 2020 once again open up for the annual Tietgen Festival! However this time, the event is postponed until the late summer, the 4th and 5th of September 2020 due to coronavirus. All residents, neighbors, and friends are as always invited into the circle for a weekend of music, cultural curiosity, and fun activities!

During these two days, the dorm will be transformed into an arena for creative events which the residents of the dorm have worked hard to make a reality. Every resident has been invited to have a say in the festival, so that all friends and neighbours will have an amazing experience.

This year, the festival will once again open the doors for both major and upcoming musical acts on the big circle stage, alongside fun and creative activities.

The architecture of the dorm will be used in new ways when a 360 laser show will make the building come alive during the concerts of the night. An experience worth having at ground level, but also from common rooms and kitchens facing towards the circle.

There are a lot of musical acts and events yet to be announced so make sure to follow Tietgen Festival on FacebookInstagram, and our website.

Tietgen Festival 2020 is for residents, friends of residents, and neighbors, and tickets can be purchased through the residents.