An active part of the local community

Living in a residence hall is much more than studying and dinners together. At Tietgenkollegiet, we have, among other things because of the architecture, unique possibilities to frame events and happenings that partly make life as a resident more interesting and partly contribute to positioning the residence hall as a vibrant part of the neighbourhood Ørestad Nord. Often these events are not only for the benefit of the residents but also the local community.

A sought after venue

The architecture of Tietgenkollegiet has made it into an attractive venue for a number of different culture activities.

  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival – For several years Tietgenkollegiet has been the setting of a number of different jazz concerts, e.g. with the band NUJazz and the soloists Mats Eilertsen and Søren Kjærgaard.
  • DR’s Public Service Festival – In August, the inner courtyard of Tietgenkollegiet housed one of the now closed electronic music festival’s stages.
  • The Ørestad Culture days (Ørestad Kulturdage) – Tietgenkollegiet is an active part of Ørestad Kulturdage that take place in the early fall.
  • The Copenhagen X’s Architecture Run ’08

Culture Night and other public events

Tietgenkollegiet has a tradition with open house during Culture Night. Typically, tours are arranged and the residence hall café stays open to visitors. Activities during Culture Night and other public events are announced on this page as far as possible.