It is possible to apply to sublet at Tietgenkollegiet for a period of up to six months. Subletting can become relevant if a resident who has lived at Tietgenkollegiet for at least six months wants to sublet his or her residence, e.g. in connection with study-related stay abroad or outside the Øresund region.

Please note that this text is directed at externals who want to apply to sublet at Tietgenkollegiet. Are you a resident and want to know how to sublet your room, you can find more information at Inside.

Legal subletting

Subletting is handled by the administration of Tietgenkollegiet and is only allowed with the approval of the residence hall. All subletting outside the residence hall administration is illegal and will lead to suspension of the lease. The price for a sublet is identical with the rent for the room in question.

Requirements for a subtenant

The subtenant has to comply with the same requirements regarding average marks and student activity that apply in order to be accepted onto the residence hall waiting list (see below Who can apply?).

The subtenant will during the sublet period be considered as a Tietgenkollegiet resident and must as such take part in the obligations and rights of a resident, including any rules that apply in the kitchen in question.

How can I apply to sublet at Tietgenkollegiet?

The best possibility to sublet is to find a resident who is going abroad. Most residents find their own subtenants. Please note that there usually only are very few sublets available per term.

After the end of the sublet

Please note that as a subtenant you can only sublet for a period of max. 6 months.

If you want a residence after the end of the sublet, you have to go through the standard application procedure as all other applicants. People who sublet or have sublet are treated on equal terms with other applicants and are thus not moved to the top of the waiting list.