Privacy policy for applicants

When applying for a residence at Tietgenkollegiet, we ask you to provide us with a number of information about yourself and your studies. The information is solely used for your application and is treated with confidentially and stored in a safe way. On this page, you can read more about how we treat your information.

What information do we use?

In order to process your application, we use a number of common personal information:

  • We use your name, your address and your contact information so that we can contact you in connection with your application.
  • We use information about gender, study direction and nationality so that we can ensure a diversity amongst our residents
  • We use information and documentation about your age, your previous education and your current/future studies, so we can ensure that you meet our formal requirements for applicants. In order to confirm the information, we use your diploma from upper secondary school and documentation for study activity in a higher education
  • We use your letter of motivation as part of an overall assessment of whether you are offered a residence at Tietgenkollegiet.
  • We do not use your cpr number. If you do not delete your cpr number on the submitted documentation, we consider this as a consent.

How long do we save the information?

Your information will be deleted automatically when we no longer need them. When the deletion occurs, depends on a number of parameters, explained below. You can also choose to delete your user profile, including all applications and information given in connection with this. This will, of course, result in your application being canceled.

How we delete your information

  • All attached documents (including your letter of motivation and documentation for study activity) will be deleted after the end of the application period.
  • User profiles (including all user applications and other information) are automatically deleted after 180 days of inactivity.
  • Users who create a profile but do not confirm their email address will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Note that if you are registered as a resident at Tietgenkollegiet, we will keep a copy of your application in our housing archive before it is deleted from the application system.

Deleting your profile and your information
You can delete your user profile at any time. All applications and information given in connection with this. Log in to the system and see the “Help” section for more information.


Who has access to the information and how are they used?

Your information is treated with confidentially and is not disclosed to parties other than those described below.

Employees at Tietgenkollegiet
The Administration reads all applications to ensure that they comply with the formal requirements. They also handle all communication with the applicants.

Members of the Recommendation Committee (ISU)
Applications are assessed by the Recommendation Committee. Members of the Committee only have access to the applications via a dedicated iPad. Members may not disclose or discuss applications with other residents or other parties.

System Supplier
The application system provider has administrative access to the system. The supplier may not use the information, but should only ensure the system’s operation.



The Application System uses cookies to ensure a good user experience. For practical reasons, it is not possible to use the application system without accepting cookies.

Technical functionality
We use cookies for login functionality. In order to offer a “Remember me” feature, we save a cookie on your computer so you do not have to log in again the next time you open the page.

We monitor the application system using the Google Analytics analysis system. For example, with Google Analytics, we can see which browsers and devices our users use. In this way, we can ensure that the application system works for everyone.


Do you have any questions?

If you have questions, please contact Tietgenkollegiet’s Administration