Udgivet d. af Vickie Isabella Westen

In the following text, I will take you through a nice adventure in my dormitory Tietgenkollegiet and I promise you, it will not be boring.

Tietgenkollegiet with its 400 citizens is located in Ørestad and it is probably the best dormitory in the world. The best way to describe how this dormitory works in practice is to compare it with the countries of the world; there are thirty kitchens with individual rules and each kitchen has its own way of using their language as we see in different countries. Also countries are known of having their talented singers while other have their Messi or Ronaldo.

Every month representatives from each kitchen meet and discuss the world situation where legislation and dorm politics are intensely discussed. These meetings also give the opportunity for elections of chairmen of different committees, for example the music or baking committee. These committees connect the countries through alliances. We do not operate with any shades of warfare here. The closest we get to a war is when the kitchens fight in the more sporty activities, such as the Tietgen Olympics in cake eating.

This dormitory is not just for fun! A strong democracy and a good culture call for engaged citizens. Therefore, we also have an application committee – the determining authority – who decide your destiny as a citizen in these countries. But do not worry, you can keep your jewelry.

In addition, when it comes to environmental politics you will be surprised of how highly it is prioritized on the agenda. You can find a recycling station in most kitchens – as well as the local environment enthusiasts. They will keep an eye on you to make sure that you do not mix up the hard and the soft plastic materials or by mistake throw out a milk container in the wrong recycle bin. Do not play with fate!

As the citizens of this special “world” say: This is not just a dormitory. This is our home – our second family.