Book a tour

If you want to get close to Tietgenkollegiet and thus gain insight into the architecture and the day-to-day life of the residents, you can book a guided tour.

The guided tours are for both professionals and other interested parties and the visitors will get the opportunity to see the residence hall both inside and out. A tour typically lasts about one hour and includes seeing the indoor common areas, a kitchen and a room. Along the way, the architecture (materials, construction, rooms, etc.) will be described as well as living in the residence hall.

The tours are handled by members of the residence hall Visitor’s Committee who are all residents of Tietgenkollegiet. The price of a tour for a group of up to 25 people is DKK 500.00. The tours can be adapted for special needs.

The price for a guided tour is 550.00 DKK

If you would like to book a tour, please contact the Visitor’s Committee:

In the email please specify when (date and time) you wish to book a tour. The Visitor’s Committee is quite flexible in terms of time, so you can assume that it can be done. In addition, you must decide whether you wish to pay in cash or by invoice. If you prefer an invoice, please enclose invoicing details.

Guided tours are always offered in both Danish and English. However we have a limited number of Visitor’s Committee members who also speak German, French and Spanish. We cannot guarantee these languages but feel free to ask.