Tietgen Festival – 3. og 4. september 2021

Udgivet d. af Anja Englev

After a long lockdown the highlight of the year will finally begin as the Tietgen Festival provides the setting for one of the greatest weekends of the year. Almost 2000 participants will be graced with a multitude of activities, parties and amazing musical acts.  Unfortunately the festival is sold out, but there is still a way to get your fix:

Friday and saturday from noon until 4 pm there will be activities, bars and food trucks just outside the circle and no ticket is needed. After 4 pm the festivities will move inside the dorm where the live music will begin. This is only for guests with a ticket.
During the weekend the building will be closed off, so it will not be possible to visit the dorm and enjoy the beautiful architecture.
Friends and families of the dorm can still come visit, but cannot attend the festivities after 6 pm if they do not have a ticket.
Visit the official Tietgen Festival website for more information

Tietgen Festival | Tietgenkollegiet