Tietgen Festival 2022

Posted on by Anja Englev

Tietgen Festival is back on May 13-14th 2022!

Once again, all friends and neighbors of the dorm are invited into the circle to experience the Tietgen Spirit.

This is the fith annual rendition of the festival and marks the second year wherein the festival can call itself the biggest dorm festival in Denmark with over 2000 attendants over both days.

As a tradition, the ambition is to create a festival where friends and neighbors can enjoy the dorm and its unique possibility for cultural mediation.

The festival distinguishes itself from other festivals by being not just another party, but by being a festival which promotes curiosity, learning and cultural experiences alongside the great party! The festival is non-profit and is entirely run by volunteers in the board of Tietgen Festival from the dorm. All residents are invited to pitch in and help shape the festival from the festival vision.

If you are attending the festival, we encourage you to stop up and feel the almost indescribable atmosphere during the event. Sense the happiness of the crowd, smell the love and compassion among volunteers, the powerful intensity of the music and the infectious Tietgen Spirit among dorm residents throughout the entire event.

Lots of festivals greetings from the board of Tietgen Festival 2022.
Link: https://tietgenfestival.dk