Ny Cirkus Festival 2012 at Tietgenkollegiet – 15th and 16th of August

Posted on by Anja Englev

Experience thrilling acrobatics, when the international group La Meute perform at Tietgenkollegiet

La Meute Presienting ”Tragédie Grecque” – FotO: Ben Hopper

La Meute – the wolf pack – is ready to attack the audience with masochistic street energy and heroic fearlessness. The acrobats make you sweat of fear while they push their own boundaries to the point where failure is inevitable. Just like a Greek tragedy.

Wednesday 15th of august 2012 5.00 pm
Thursday 16th of august 2012 5.00 pm

Tickets: 135/75 DKK at Scenebillet.dk
Duration: 60 min.

Presented by Københavns Internationale Teater in cooperation with Tietgenkollegiet.
La Meute is a part of Ny Cirkus Festival 2012. Se the full programme at http://kit.dk